AMA’s International Cooperation

The table below lists (in chronological order) Agricultural and Rural Development projects implemented by IC-AMA during the last years. Please click on the title to get further information on each project.

Projects under implementation

Country Project
Moldova Further support to agriculture, rural development and food safety in the Republic of Moldova
Armenia            Holding and Animal Identification and Registration (HAI&R) in Armenia: Strengthening of the Animal Health and Animal Breeding and Administrative Capacities


Projects completed

Country Project
Moldova Capacity building of the Moldovan Agency for Intervention and Payment in Agriculture (AIPA) for the application of EU norms and standards for the administration of ARD support schemes
Serbia Assistance to the Managing Authority of the Serbian MAEP in negotiation and accreditation of the IPARD 2014-2020 Program
Georgia Capacity Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia (GCP/GEO/004/AUT) – Consulting Service on Less Favourable Area Development
Serbia Assistance to Managing Authority of the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM) in elaboration of IPARD 2014-2020 Program, support to accreditation and training
Kosovo Support for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD) in legislative and policy development and in implementing the Agriculture and Rural Development Plan (ARDP)
Moldova Support to the Agency of Interventions and Payment for Agriculture (AIPA) of Moldova
Serbia Strengthening the capacities of the Republic of Serbia for the absorption of EU Rural Development funds in pre-accession period
Croatia Capacity Building of the Croatian Paying Agency
Montenegro Support to establish an IPA Rural Development Programming and Implementation System in Montenegro
Albania Development of a System of Wines with Geographical Indications
Croatia Institutional capacity building of MAFRD in wine sector
Kosovo Preparation for implementation and management of agricultural and rural development policy in Kosovo
Bulgaria Improvement of the administrative capacity of Monitoring and coordination of PA activities unit within MAFS to implement its functions in compliance with CR (EC) 1290/2005 and CR (EC) 885/2006
Romania Further support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to strengthen the performance of permanent agricultural policy adaptation
Macedonia Support to IPARD preparation
Romania Training of the staff of the institutions in designing and implementation of the Rural Development Programme and the Fishery Operational Programme and of potential beneficiaries
Croatia Further Capacity Building in the Area of Live Animals and Food Products
Serbia Institutional Capacity Building within the Veterinary Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Turkey Establishment of an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance Rural Development Agency
Latvia Strengthening of the capacity of the Competent Authorities on the application of food hygiene requirements in the specific sectors of food chain
Macedonia Support to the preparation of Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development (AFSARD), Macedonia, for the process of accreditation of IPARD
Estonia Strengthening of the management capacity of the inspection authorities in the area of organic farming according to requirements of the Council Regulations (EEC) No 2092/91, No 1452/2003 and No 882/2004
Romania Strengthening the policy making capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development
Lithuania Strengthening of control system for the protection of animals in Lithuania
Slovenia Strengthening Zoonoses, zoonotic agents and Antimicrobial resistance monitoring in Republic Slovenia
Lithuania Further Strengthening Administration and Control of Intervention Measures in Agriculture
Lithuania Administration of Import Export, Market Information System, effective use of Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) and Organic Agriculture
Turkey Preparation for the implementation of EU Common Agricultural Policy
Romania Implementing a functional milk quota system
Hungary Upgrading the professional capacities of Internal Audit in the Paying Agency
Bulgaria Preparation of the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to implement the second pillar of the European Union CAP - Rural Development
Bulgaria Strengthening the vine and wine control system in compliance with the EU requirements
Hungary Improving the Efficiency of the Paying Agency after Accreditation on Certain Fields of Implementation
Hungary Licensing and Administration Office (LAO) of the Ministry of Economy and Transport
Hungary Creation of a HU Operative Information System (OIS)
Slovakia TA in Areas of PA Procedures Interlinked with IACS in the Slovak Republic
Slovakia Agricultural Paying Agency of the Slovak Republic
Slovakia CMO with Sugar in the Slovak Republic
Czech Republic Support to establish a Paying Agency, setting up administration of CMOs and IACS
Slovenia Internal Assessment of AAMRD qualification